DIY Hidden Door Bookcase


We all see design projects that put an emphasis on saving space by any means necessary. We can find furniture with two purposes, staircases that double as drawers, and many others. But few have the ingenuity shown in this hidden door bookcase closet! That’s mainly because it combines the creativity of two objects in one and the originality of using something already affecting the interior design of the room. The built in wall closet had its door replaced with a common bookcase. This is one DIY project you could make in your home over a spare weekend. Make sure you have one color of paint in order to make the aspect of the two pieces of furniture look unitary. Now, you have a secret hidden closet in which you can keep all of your fancy clothing. From the outside, any guest will be unaware of the stuff you cleverly keep behind the books. Be careful when you open it though, so all of the carefully decorated shelves won’t fall off. A design approach like this one will surely bring quality to any décor. And if you are among the people who long for more space, than certainly this will make the perfect choice! Read more details in the link below…

The Mysterious Bookcase – Instructables

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