DIY Hairstyles & Braiding Tutorial


Having a unique style is growing harder and harder as the world trends and fashion secretes become available to almost everybody with a device connected to the internet. Developing something new to impress with is quite difficult, so you are left with combining what you know with what you constantly find out is hip in the present days. The braided bun hairstyle you can see in the images is no exception. With a lot of DIY tutorials out there which fight over your attention, you could take a few minutes to find out what could be done to transform your long hair into a beautiful style. Be quick though, someone else that goes out in the same café or club as you do might already use it. The braids in this tutorial are woven around the ponytail and then used to form a bun. It’s quite simple, once you get the hang of it. Use the youtube video as guide and good luck! The result will be beautiful..

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