DIY Flower Flying Coffee Cup



Dress up your home in the spirit of summer and create a warm feeling with this beautiful flower ornament. Creating ornaments can help you relax and get in touch with your creative side. Choosing flowers and flower motives to create design items is one of the most obvious option, when it comes to creating a summer atmosphere. To make this next ornament you will need a tea cup with a plate, flowers (natural or plastic), wire, wire cutter, hot glue gun and a flexible stick. First of all, connect the cup with the plate with the help of the stick, as shown in the pictures.


This stick will become the base of your floral arrangement. Glue the flowers inside the cup and on the stick so in will look as if these were pouring out from the cup onto the plate. Use the wire to tie some flowers together and the wire cutter to cut them as short as you need them to be. When you are done, you will have a unique and beautiful flower arrangement to place on your table and remind you of summer.

Flower-Cup-Decor-1 Flower-Cup-Decor-2








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  1. Aileen Palumbo says:

    Very cute for a shower or tea party! But what is a flexible stick and where can I buy them?

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