DIY Floating Head Hanging Ghosts


The festivity of Halloween is a perfect opportunity to showcase some awesome decorating skills. Think of your home as your stage and you as both the director and artist at the same time. This next project will surely represent one of your best and scariest works of art, if done according to the instructions provided. The floating head hanging ghosts are one thing people, especially kids, will remember over the years, not only because of their spookiness, but also because of their closeness to reality. Your usual simple projects for Halloween probably revolve around some cartoonish look of a monster. These ghosts on the other hand, will scare you hard because they appear to be so real! The work behind such a DIY project isn’t complicated. You will need some foam heads as the main ingredient. Check out the entire list for other requirements. Follow the step-by-step tutorial and this year, your home decor will be more than ready to scare-off candy-craving children.


 Floating Head Hanging Ghosts Instructions by Simply Designing

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