DIY Eggshell Mosaic Patterns

What makes an eggshell mosaic pattern attractive is it’s accessibility, as you can have stunning results without any special skills. You can decorate a variety of objects with this technique, any surface from wood to metal, from cardboard to glass. You can decorate vases, plates, picture frames, table tops and turn ordinary things into unique works of art. The way it works is extremely simple: place painted egg shells on any surface and cover with varnish. To make the following pattern on a plate, you will need:

• egg shells (wash them in cold water);
• plastic plate;
• sand paper;
• black acrylic paint;
• different colors of acrylic paint;
• paintbrush;
• sheet of paper;
• white chalk;
• carbon paper;
• mosaic glue;
• varnish;


Once you have the egg shells and they are washed and cleaned on the inside of any leftovers, color them with the paintbrush, using the acrylic paint. Choose the colors you like and try to choose them in order to complement each other. Print the design you want on a sheet of paper. You can simply download any pattern from the internet. Place the drawing upside down on carbon paper and start rubbing the back of it with the white chalk. Blow away any excess of chalk, and place the carbon paper on the plastic plate. Transfer the drawing to the plate, applying some pressure with your hands and remove the paper. The pattern will be a bit messy, but don’t worry. Take a pen with a small tip and carefully trace the pattern again on the plate. When you are finished with this, you can safely wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove any remains of chalk. When the paint on your shells has dried, take the small pieces and start gluing them to the plate, following the outline of the drawing. This will require a bit of time, the plate in the picture was made in two days, so this is an activity you should do in a weekend. Apply varnish on the whole surface of the plate and let it dry. Once the varnish has dried, your project will be ready and you will be the proud owner of a beautiful mosaic plate.

eggshell-mosaic-1 source: marrietta.ru

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