DIY Eco-Friendly Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

Spring and nice weather also mean that you can start arranging your garden for this season. But in order to make it look better than last year, you will need some new flower pots. These can be a bit expensive, but luckily there are a lot of great DIY projects to help you decorate flower pots. Doing so will ensure your garden design will impress guests and friends visiting your home. This next tutorial is going to show you how to make a cute flower pot, using chalkboard paint. You will need:

• clay pots;
• Colored Base Paint; ( Plutonium Aerosol Paint – on Amazon )
• chalkboard paint;
• one paintbrush; you can find Gam Paint Brushes’ eco-friendly paintbrushes on Amazon


This project is a really simple one.. so your pots will be ready in no time. Start by cleaning your pots and their surface.





Source and more details : She Makes a Home blog

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