DIY Easy Gift Box

Making your own gift package will surely add to the consideration brought with the object gifted. A simple and basic DIY project comes to your help in this endeavor and will show you just how cool it will be if everyone could do custom gift boxes. The only impediment is your willing to roll up your sleeves and actually put a little work and care into this. Grab these next items so you can begin the handmade project:

• a pencil and ruler;
• a piece of paper;
• cardboard colored paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• a hole puncher;
• ribbon or decorative string;
• a few candy sweets;


Take the paper template of a round sided star like shape and trace it on your piece of colored cardboard. The shape itself is made out of a square, 4 triangles and curves between the outside edges of those triangles. Use the scissors to cut-off the shape you traced on the cardboard and then the ruler to fold it on the lines of each of the shape previously mentioned. Punch holes in each of your star-shape points. Place your candies inside and pull the rope or ribbon through the holes. Make a bow, gift away and make someone else’s day happier! paper-gift-boxes-1 paper-gift-boxes-2 paper-gift-boxes-3 paper-gift-boxes-4 paper-gift-boxes-5 paper-gift-boxes-6

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