DIY Easy Faux Brick Wall Panel


The fact about living comfortably in your own home entails having the interior design you prefer the most. If some houses aren’t what you have begun to like over the years then you should opt for a change. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive investment at all! This DIY faux brick wall panel you see in the picture is made – believe it or not – out of Polystyrene foam. With the help of this simple tutorial, you can make an entire wall of foam look realistically like an expensive brick. No panels bought from the store, just your wits, skill and the following materials: 2 and a half feet by 4 feet wooden panel, 2’by4′ piece of 1/2″ thick Polystyrene foam, a foam cutter, black granite paint, gray primer, wood glue, sponge applicator, a soldering iron or gun, old newspapers and a pen and ruler. Follow the instructions provided and you too can have your very own stylish faux brick wall panel. Here you can find.. Textured Aerosol Spray Paint – Krylon

DIY Faux Brick Wall Panel Tutorial by Craft Passion

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5 Responses to "DIY Easy Faux Brick Wall Panel"

  1. nancy says:

    How can i get the how to step by step?

    • Debbie B says:

      In case you didn’t figure it out; click on the link that reads, DIY Faux Brick Wall Panel Tutorial by Craft Passion at the bottom of the article, above the “Share this post” social media square. I couldn’t find it at first either, glanced right over the link. I wish people would label a link “click here” or something.

    • javier chavarria says:

      hola queria saber el paso a paso. gracias desde argentina

  2. jljoyner57@gmail.com says:

    I’m looking forward to receiving emails from your site.

  3. ulrich klingelhoefer says:

    pl. with what u fill between the bricks? thx

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