DIY Doll PET Bottle Stroller


Not all kids have the luxury of their parents buying every type of toy. Shops are always putting out accessories and gadgets for the ordinary action figure or doll. But in order to yield some profit, they will try and sell you expensive things the original toy might not require for you to have fun with. That’s why sometimes a DIY alternative might be perfect. The project for a doll stroller made out of a PET bottle could be easily done in your home in a few hours. The result looks just like you would have bought it from the toy store. Handling a 5 liter or 8 liter PET with some cutting shears isn’t that difficult, even for an un-experienced crafts enthusiast. Make the appropriate cuts as shown in the photo tutorial. You will need some additional materials, like fleece for covering the inside and outside of the pieces of plastic, as well as fabric to decorate it nicely. Check out the entire set of instructions and make the cutest doll PET bottle stroller. Additionally, you could make a baby care equipment bag to make the whole set of toys nicer.


Doll PET Bottle Stroller – Instructions by Elisi Defteri

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