DIY Decorative Mirror With Egg Cartons


Here is a DIY project idea which is easy, fun and also environmentally friendly as it is a recycling project. We’ll show you how to make a floral mirror out of egg cartons. Easy and really cheap, as most of you already have the egg cartons in your home which you were probably thinking of throwing away. But this tutorial will make you think twice about that. So here is what you’ll need for the project:
  • 12 cup egg cartons (in case you are making a small mirror you’ll only need 5),
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks,
  • a mirror tile or a small mirror without the frame,
  • 3mm MDF,
  • paint,
  • scissors,
  • drill and hanging wire.

Firstly you will have to cut the cups of the egg cartons. Cut into each corner of the cup 1 slit and cut each piece in a way that it forms a petal. Then repeat this step, thus creating more roses. Then make a third cup, but this time cut the petal smaller, and roll them so they make a bud shape. Take your hot glue and glue these 3 petals together. On top put a layer made out of smaller petals. Repeat the entire process until you have enough roses to cover the sides (frame) of the mirror. You can either spray the roses with paint, choose the color you like or leave them like this, it’s your choice. If spraying, let them dry.

Now take the MDF and measures its sides in order to cut 3cm across it. Trace a line and join the marks to make a triangle. Then you just have to place your mirror in the center of it, trace it around and remove. On the top of the mirror drill 2 holes and place a hanging wire through the holes. Then secure it and paint the border made out of MDF. Next on you’ll need to glue the mirror, so it remains in that place. Than starting from one side, glue the roses to the mirror, try to place the petals as close as possible, this way you won’t leave any gaps. Continue doing this until your whole frame is covered.

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