DIY Cute Seashell Fish


Seashells are a great material for making some cute decorations for children’s rooms. The fun your kid had in a trip to the seaside shouldn’t end when he or she gets back home. You could transform together the bunch of shells collected during the trip, in a way which will improve the look of the interior decor and bring smiles on the faces of passers-by. The handmade adventure needs, besides seashells in various sizes, a few googly eyes and some glue (instant grab glue is highly recommended). Involve the kid into the DIY process, from the laying out phase to the final gluing, Place the fishes made out of seashells in a frame and hang it on the wall in your kid’s room. Alternatively, glue them to a string and hang a few of them as a wind chime. Although this solution is harder, the result is equally impressive and fun to have around. See how the fishes were done in detail (in the link below) and make the DIY project for yourself.

How to Make Seashell Fish – Crafts by Amanda

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