DIY Cupcake Holder



Are you a fan of cupcakes? Do those delightful pieces of dessert tease you through the pastries windows? If you like to bake and surprise your friends with some delicious treats this means you also have problems with storing these desserts. When transporting cupcakes from one place to another, they can get damaged easily or the frosting can melt. So here is a great tip for how to transport cupcakes from one place to another. Not to mention that using this handy DIY device will make the whole thing look better and chic! The holder is inexpensive, as you will be using plastic soufflĂ© cups and ribbons to manufacture it. The cupcake will fit in perfectly into these cups and you can tie the holder with two ribbons on the side. It will look cute and your cupcake will be safe inside. It is also a great idea for a birthday, just buy some candles and you will have a small birthday cake to surprise your loved ones with. Read more details in the link below…

Easy DIY Cupcake Holder

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