DIY Crochet Denim Skirt


Denim is a great fabric, as it can be used to make a lot of cool items and it just never goes out of style. Bags, accessories and clothes are made out of denim and they can be worn any season. So if you have old pairs of jeans at home, go ahead and give them a makeover. You probably think that the easiest would be to make a pair of shorts out of them, but this time why not try something new? A denim skirt is just as easy to make as a pair of jeans and adding some lace or some crocheted decoration to the upper part of the pants will give you a beautiful and trendy skirt.


You can wear it to school, work and even for parties as it is a unique piece that will surely stand out. For instructions on how to make it, take a look at the pictures and just follow the steps.



crochet-denim-skirt-3 source: vk.ru

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