DIY Creepy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

For this year’s Halloween party you should dress up and add a twist to your whole outfit. This can be done more easily than you think, especially if you are a lady. What we have in mind is Halloween themed nail art that will go well with the rest of your outfit. As you know there are many ways in which you can decorate your nails and on Halloween night you can get as crazy as you want. Here you will find a great idea, on how to decorate every single nail in a different way.


You can create patterns that look like ghosts, monsters and magical characters and all you need to use is nail polish and a bit of imagination. Simply choose one color that will be the base of your artwork and then create the Halloween characters on top of the base. You can get as inventive as you want or if you feel you need a bit of inspiration, just look at the 10 ideas below.


halloween-nail-art-2 source

halloween-nail-art-3 source

halloween-nail-art-4 source

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halloween-nail-art-11 halloween-nail-art-12 halloween-nail-art-13

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