DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorial



Even though there are toys available in the pet store for your little friend, it’s common to disregard them as something important. In fact, animals are born curious, just like humans, and if not nurtured appropriately, their minds won’t achieve full potential. It’s true that some devices do cost a lot, but the DIY alternative is always at your disposal. As you can see from this webpage, a simple DIY cat puzzle will provide with minutes on end of fun for the cute balls of fur. For making one puzzle of this sort, you will require a disposable plastic food container, a utility knife and a pair of scissors, sharp.


A black marker, a lighter, some rubbing alcohol and a few small rubber adhesive casters will also be necessary. Also, to get the exploring started, at least one cat toy or ball (preferably with bell included), and -of course- cat treats. The process isn’t difficult and you will only need to cut some holes. So don’t just stand around, get to work and offer your cat a nice way of entertainment and adventure.

DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorial – The Glam Cat (more details)

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