DIY Captain America Shield

Captain America as one of the most loved Marvel superheroes out there. So no wonder so many kids dream about being like Captain America one day. Since Halloween is right around the corner you might consider dressing yourself and your child in a cool Captain America costume. For starters, here’s a cool tutorial that will teach you how to make your very own Captain America shield.


The total cost of this shield will be around $70 dollars, but if you want to look really cool at this year’s Halloween party it is surely worth the investment. You are going to need quite a lot of supplies for this project, but that’s the price you need to pay if you want have a very realistic Captain America shield. So go to the next link and find out more about this cool DIY project.



Step 1: Tools and Materials

Steel fire pit “Kloepperboden” DIY-Captain-America-Shield-4

Step 2: Cutting And Preparing The Metal Dome


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