DIY Backpack Wall


Every parent knows the importance school has on the development of their child. If you want you kid to behave well in a collective and be organized with their belongings, you should begin educating them in this way at home. For the organizing aspect we have a neat project that you could make and you’ll only need a corner of a room or hallway for this. The DIY backpack station your kids will definitely love involves 3/4″ thick wooden boards, screw-in hooks, carpenter’s tape, wood filler, paint (plus primer) and chalkboard paint. Amazing about this clever `station` is the fact that you can use it either for backpacks, hats, umbrellas or even jackets. Having the chalkboard space above each hook will personalize the space eve more than the large picture hanging over the wooden frames. The photo tutorial will prove handy in the entire building process. And with this DIY backpack station you provided a creative storage system while improving quite a lot the interior design. That’s amazing! 


DIY Backpack Wall Tutorial by Bethany

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