DIY Baby Pillowcase Sleeping Bag

Every mom in the world is going to love this next idea: a pillowcase sleeping bag for your baby! It is a tiny sleeping bag, made out of a pillow case, so it has a zipper on the side so you can gently place the baby this cozy cocoon. The sleeping bag is also very easy to clean, as you just unzip the bottom and place it in the washing machine. There are of course lots of stores and websites that sell baby sleeping bags, just like the one from the link below but for a high price. So why not make your own, that can look just the way you want to and also save some money in the process. The materials you are going to need are: 2 pillow cases, 1 pillow, 2 zippers, batting (machine washable), fabric of your choice, Ric Rac and a sewing kit. Then head to the link below and start working on this cute little project!

You’ll need:

Two pillow cases
One pillow
Two zips – 16″ and 18″
Decoration fabric
Ric rack

DIY Baby Pillowcase Sleeping Bag …¬†You can get step-by-step instructions¬†HERE…

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