DIY Air Conditioner


Everyone knows that an AC unit is the most powerful object that can fight off the exhausting heat which might ruin the sunny days of summer. But such comfort can’t be grabed that easily, especially if you don’t have the money for such a device. That’s why we suggest you this handy little DIY solution for your hot problems. The DIY air conditioner doesn’t require technical skills or knowledge, you just need to know how to freeze stuff. Make sure you have a couple of large bowls and 2L PET bottles, salt and ice cubes to combine them in with your regular electric fan to make your summer days a bit colder. Make sure you freeze the water from the bottles, poured in some plastic cups in the bowls and blend with a tenth of its content in salt, inside a freezer. Take them out and put them in front of the cold air that blows from your electric fan. It’s just as effective as an AC unit, but with significant reduced cost!

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