DIY Adorable Pom-Pom Easter Chicks



The internet is full of cute DIY ideas for Easter and as you probably know you can find a lot of them on this website too. Such is this next one, a sweet Easter chicken decoration made out of pom-poms. You won’t need a lot of things for this project as you will be the one making almost all the supplies, including the pom-poms. You can work on this project together with your children as it is an easy one and the little chicks will be soft and light and your kids will just love to play with them. Though you will need some of the following:

• wool yarn (yellow);
• beads (for the eyes of the chicks);
• paper (red);
• some glue;
• two cardboard circles;
• a needle;
• a small scissor;


You will start by making the pom-poms. Take the needle and pass the yarn through it. Then roll the yarn on the two cardboard circles, by placing them one on top of the other, as shown in the pictures. When you covered the entire cardboard with the yarn, leave the end of the yarn hanging, without making a knot there. Take the scissor and start cutting around the circle on the outer part to make the pom-poms. Slowly split the two circles and pull the loose ends of the yarn through the middle where you’ll secure the pom-pom. When you are ready cutting the yarn, tie a knot on the middle section of it and your fluffy pom-pom is ready. Now make the feet, the beak and the crest of the chick by cutting it out from the red paper. Glue them on the pom-pom and together with the beads, that are the eyes of the little chicken. Your pom-pom chick is now ready and you can place it in a basket together with the Easter eggs.

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