DIY Adorable Paper Owl Craft

Animals as part of your home’s décor can make the interior quite pleasant, if done properly of course. We’re not talking about hunter’s trophies, but the plain simple people who like to improve the décor for special occasions. And what other member of the fauna to use in the attempt to beautify your home than an owl? This next tutorial will show you how to make an adorable paper owl.


All you need to start with is a cardboard tube and paper cupcake liners. Some extra materials will be required, like a marker, a few extra pieces of cardboard and a pair of scissors. If you’d prefer to save up on materials, you can use the bathroom tissue tube for the body. The wings are made from cupcake liner and according to the color of the liner you can make a few different owls. Use the marker and extra pieces of cardboard for the beak and eyes. Together with a branch the craft owls can make a nice tabletop centerpiece.

Photo by Laura Johansen, Idea by Natasha Collins

source: parents.com

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