DIY 1000 watt wind turbine


Who said green technology isn’t available for all people? With a little bit of guidance, you too can make a DIY a 1000 watt wind turbine. The one you see in the project showcased here was made in order to help charge the battery for the off-grid home these people live in. What’s important to mention right from the start is that the coils used in the turbine are fixed, so there is no need for slip rings or brushes. With some skill using power tools, you will do just fine in making the right pieces from raw materials. There is some mounting and installing required, but the photo tutorial will help you throughout the entire process. The result will be a perfect useful wind turbine! Give it a try!

Update: DIY Amp Hour meter for monitoring charge!

All about homebrew wind and offgrid power systems, the complete reference!

Step 1: Build the magnet disks DIY-1000-watt-wind-turbine-2





We had 12″ steel disks hydro cut. We cut a template for mounting the magnets. Then we mounted 12 grade n50 magnets around the outside edge. We then built a form, and poured the resin with hardner.

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