Deviled Egg Chicks Recipe


This Easter you should definitely try out some new and funny recipes. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on the traditional menu, but some small changes in it will surely be welcomed. This next idea will be a great success among children and it’s called Deviled Eggs. The recipe requires some time and patience so start making it only if you have both. You will need: 8 large, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs filling (use mayonnaise, salt and pepper), 4 stuffed olives and 1 carrot. Boil the eggs and when they are done peel them. Then start to create the body of the small chicks and make sure you won’t forget the filling from the eggs. Add the olives, which will be the eyes of your edible sculpture and the carrots to make the feet. Place them on a long plate and serve on Easter morning with some delicious bread.



Deviled Egg Chicks Recipe – Printable Recipe

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