Detox Though Your Feet: a Great Way to Stay Healthy!


In case you didn’t know, detoxification through the feet is one of the easiest and safest ways of body detoxification. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to introduce any changes into your daily nutrition. There are various types of feet detoxification, such as Detox pads and Detox foot spas, homemade and electric. Using these methods frequently will help you stay healthy.

Foot Detox pads
These are quite common pads that you can find at most of the healthy food stores. They are originally from Japan, made out of bamboo and tree extracts. It’s recommended to apply them before going to sleep, and remove them in the next morning. You can see how effective they are by looking at how the pads got darkened. This typically happens because they remove the toxins from your body, people who use them claiming that they felt much better afterwards.

Ionic foot baths
Basically, this baths are based on an electrical process which produces positive and negative ions in warm salty water. They function through ionizing warm salty water with alternating polarities. During this process is best to just relax and enjoy it.

Pollution, processed foods and saturated fats are all to blame for the toxins in our bodies. When we are not being active enough, all of these toxins remain in our bodies. Therefore, sometimes we have to resort to unconventional alternatives, as those presented above, in order to properly detoxify our bodies.

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