Curvaceous Brick House uses passive cooling and local materials in India


A close connection with Nature can be underlined with a beautiful architectural design. The home you see in the images is a perfect example of that. The curvaceous form of the brick house mimics the shape of a plant which comes from the soil and opens up to the sky. The ingenious people from iStudio Architecture used local materials like wood, bamboo, brick, stone, and ferro-concrete so less impact on the environment will result afterwards, as well as keeping costs to a minimum. The 2,500-square-foot home is located near Mumbai, in India, where you will definitely feel relaxed in like no other place on Earth. The way in which the residence was built allows the interior to be cooler than the hot outdoor, common for the humid climate from India. The achievement is reached thanks to the many openings in the brick-and-Via Inhabitat + iStudio Architecture as well as ceilings. Take a virtual tour to feel the amazing exotic retreat ambiance.






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