Cuff and Bow Cut-off Tutorial

Everyone has some old clothes at home that are kept in a drawer and do nothing but gather dust. But if you’re a parent, then you probably have a lots of child’s clothes gathered somewhere. So if you remembered where you keep these, just think twice before throwing them out. Your child’s old jeans can be transformed in a very cute way and the end result will be a pair of summer jeans with some bows on them. The materials you’re going to need in order to make this idea become reality are: a sewing machine, colorful fabric, matching thread and some old pairs of jeans. One thing you have to make sure before starting, is that the jeans still fit the waist and after that you can start getting crafty. The step by step tutorial can be found on the next link, so you can start looking for some cute and colorful fabric for the bows and then make as many bowed summer jeans for your children as you wish.

Cuff & Bow Cut-off Tutorial! – Sincerely, Angel…

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