Covid-19 restrictions kept her family from attending her wedding, so she got married on the Canadian border

COVID-19 has caused a lot of disruption in family life, work-life, and celebrations of special occasions. Lots of people have been separated from their loved ones and could not be reunited for a long time, because of though restrictions.
A bride from Canada, called Karen Mahoney, wanted to celebrate her marriage together with her family and friends so she came up with an ingenious plan.
The most important thing for her was to have her US-based parents and 96-year-old grandmother by her side on the day of the wedding, and since non-essential air travel was limited, she decided to move the wedding. To the border. Mahoney could pull this off since she knew someone at border patrol and arranged to have the wedding at the US-Canadian border.
The rules were pretty clear, as even though her family was vaccinated, they could not pass, so everyone had to stay on their side through the ceremony. The border crossing is a lush green area, so it was perfect for an outdoor wedding, and Mahoney could reunite and share this happy event with her family, even in these tough times.
What a unique way to celebrate such a special occasion.


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