Cheesy Bacon Potato Bites Recipe


Have you noticed that the best and most delicious treats all have a common ingredient, which is either cheese or bacon? This next recipe combines the two, creating and irresistible combo. If you are planning a movie or game night with your friends, these potato and bacon cheesy bites will be a great success. The recipe is simple and the ingredients you’ll need are potatoes, bacon, cheese and sour cream for an extra flavor. Of course, using some aromatic herbs won’t hurt, but the seasoning depends on your personal taste. Visit the following link for the detailed instructions and then you can start preparing these tasty bites. They are perfect for lunch or dinner, but are also a great party food for almost any occasion.


Don’t forget to add the sour cream at the end which will make these cheesy bites truly unforgettable. 

SprinkleSomeSunshine – cheesy bacon potato bites party!

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