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Easy Craft For Kids: Valentine’s Day Pencils

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and there are a lot of nice gift ideas on the internet this time of the year. This next project is great if you want to spend time with your children and create something artsy together, as it is easy and fun to make and doesn’t require any special skills. The project is called Valentine’s Day pencils ...

A Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Paper Project: Hearts On A String

Romance and fluffy feelings float in the air while the 14th of February is closely making its way into everyone’s homes. You can already see the special couple’s offers in the stores, and the internet is booming with ads promoting Valentine’s Day. At this point, you have two options: you either go and empty a couple of shelves from ...

DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Tutorial

Here’s a cute tutorial for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to make and can be a nice gift for someone you love. Here is what you will need to have and do. a can of solid white spray paint; a roll of double sided tape; glass bottles; a couple sheets of double sided colored paper; perforator;

DIY Heart Shape Valentine Sparkling Dish

This craft idea seems to have a great success with kids, as it is simple and cute. If you are planning to spend your Valentine’s evening with your children, then you should try and make it fun by creating together something nice. The craft is called Sparkling heart dish and in order to make it, you will need: Crayola air dry clay (from a 2.5 ...

How To Make A Valentine’s Day Candle Jar

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve behind us, people and big companies alike look forward for the romantic season which – surprisingly isn’t set in the summer or fall but in the winter – starts February. A great way to fight back the clichés is to make your own Valentine’s Day candle jar. Here is how. First, grab the following materials:
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