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Happy Camper Playhouse Plan

Camping has been an all American tradition for more than the last century. Whether we took a camper, RV or just the family station wagon or van, many of us can relate to roughing it out with the family, for better or for worse at some point in our past. I though that I would have a take at turning that tradition into a tangible playhouse.

Lamp shade made from photo slides

Custom photographic slide lampshade, made from your slides. A great conversation piece and perfect solution for all those family slides. Each shade requires: 64 Slides for Small, 90 Slide for Medium, or 138 Slides for Large. Slides need to be the standard 2″ X 2″ size and cardboard mounted.

Rain Shower Heads

  Find rain shower heads HERE….

Kitchen Wash Rubber Gloves With Scouring Cloth Sponge

These gloves are great for heavy dishwashing or home-cleaning duties. The scouring sponge on the palms allows you to simply rub your hands over the soiled area (whether it’s dishes with food caked on or tile with mold and mildew growing on it or anything else that requires some scrubbing) without needing to hold a separate ...

Crochet Frog Coin Purse

Love these patterns! This frog coin purse would make the perfect gift, to yourself or someone else! What do you think? This crochet pattern is available below…
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