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Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest (And Most Magical) Hair Trend Of 2020

Each year comes with unique trends when it comes to style, design, and beauty, and holographic hair is this year’s hottest hairstyle trend. If you ever wished to look like a magical creature or feel like a mermaid, then holographic hair will suit you perfectly. To get the rainbow effect in your hair, you will have to use metallic ...

The History of Crinoline – the Victorian fashion garment that kept the hoop skirts

The History of Crinoline – the Victorian fashion garment that kept the hoop skirts Observed from today’s perspective, crinolines look utterly uncomfortable and unattractive to the point of absurdity. Why would anyone want to wear something that resembles a gigantic whipped-cream cake around their waist? Yet fashion trends have ...

California Becomes The First State In The US To Ban Animal Fur Products

Furs are for animals to wear and not for humans, who want to make a fashion statement by making another living being suffer. That is why it is great news that California is set to become the first US state to ban animal fur products. The state has also teamed up with Hawaii and New Jersey to ban forms of entertainment using animals, ...


Cute crochet pattern! ADORABLE Christmas tree hat is so much fun to make! The pattern includes an EASY beading technique and a tutorial for working the REVERSE single crochet stitch. Sized from Newborn up to Small Adult!

Two sweet ponies wearing sweater on the beach

It gets very cold in the Shetland Islands! These are sooo cute!
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