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DIY Swirly Paper Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and fresh ones can’t really replace those which are fake. But fresh flowers are most beautiful in nature or when they are planted in a pot. If you still want to have a vase of flowers in your home, there are a lot of creative alternatives to this. For instance you can make flowers out of paper. They won’t be scented ...

Homemade Natural Deodorant

Using natural products, instead of commercial industrial ones can be a clever and safer way to handle things. You can opt for the natural alternative in a lot of domains and with a lot of things. Today, we offer you the steps required for making a DIY natural deodorant. Be warned, this is not an antiperspirant deodorant, but it’s much better in ...

10 DIY Ideas For This Christmas – page 2

6. Make It: DIY Wooden Geometric Wine Stopper   7. Make Your Own Christmas Tea Bags 8. Coffee Kitchen Soap Recipe 9. Winter Wonderland Snow Globe Necklace 10. For kids of all ages: Eraser charm bracelet
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