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How to Make an Air Pump

An air pump is a device for pushing air. Examples include pumps that are used to aerate an aquarium or a pond via an airstone. This simple air pump made with Coca Cola and V9 battery. Watch the video below and learn how to make a Coca Cola Air Pump.  

Lavender Unicorn Crochet Pattern

This is Lavender Unicorn. She is roughly 12″ tall when standing. Who wouldn’t want this adorable and colorful crochet unicorn? Here you can find detailed instructions with photos to guide you through the pattern.  

Make a Vertical DIY Succulent Planter

Vertical planters are the most elegant choice for everyone living in an apartment without a large outdoor space, such as a balcony or a shared patio. Organizing your plants vertically can also help you save a lot of precious space and give personality to a dull and empty wall. So if you’re looking for great vertical planter ideas, ...

Canvas String Art Graffiti – fun for kids and adults alike

If you’re searching for a project that will be fun for both you and you’re child, then this is what you were looking for. It is a string art canvas project, which is simple to make and your child will enjoy it a lot! You can use the art you created to decorate your bedroom or your child’s room as it will bring some color to ...

Smart and Safe Portable Hay Feeding Solution

How about this portable hay feeder ? This feeder is easy to use anywhere. Design slows your horses’ consumption of hay, reducing boredom and waste. Easy to fill even when hanging on wall of either trailer or the stall. What do you think? Check out this feeder in the link below.
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