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Turn A Book Into A Small DIY Christmas Tree

If your library is a little too overcrowded, this Christmas is your chance to turn that problem into an opportunity. Try a bit of creativity with this DIY transformation of a hardback book into a small Christmas tree. In this tutorial you will learn how to fashion the basic tree, but you are encouraged to carry on the technique to ...

Homemade Christmas Rudolph Bun Hairstyle

Christmas is not just about decorating the house, but also improving your own style and wardrobe. Making a cute hairstyle is just one way to achieve this. Be creative and try all kind of festive styles, like this Rudolph bun. You will need: a bun mold; a piece of elastic; bobby pins; some (reindeer) hair clips; hairpins glued with ...

How to Make a Beautiful Paper Christmas Tree

Holiday decorations are not that hard to make. Read this webpage and learn how to easily fashion your own beautiful ornament for this year’s Christmas. Make sure you have: • some felt • pins • craft glue • a pair of scissors • a 3-7/8 inch x 8-7/8 inch foam cone • 3/8-inch wide 18 feet rolls of ribbon in 2 colors

Handmade decorations for Christmas

DIY Christmas decorations are more popular with every passing year. People compete to give you the best solution or replacement for the commercial offer out there. With only $20 and in less than an hour, you can manufacture an adorable handmade holiday ornament, which will surely make some hearts melt on sight. Here’s what you ...
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