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Funny cat tries to lie to steal food

The cat obviously had a whole different tactic to steal the scrumptious meal; he pretended to love being cuddled and lick its owner gently before it inches its way to get the chicken leg!

Did you know that hens have high emotional intelligence?

Did you know that hens have high emotional intelligence? They are known to have an amazing sense of empathy, possess rationality, and are self-aware. Hens communicate with one another as individuals and relate to other animals through simple communication. They are able to sense, like a human mother, others’ needs. Hens have been known to adopt …

Puppy sweater knitted in shades of grey with a scarf

Do you have a dog that gets cold easily? These knit dog sweaters and scarfs are so cute! Keep man’s best friend nice and warm with these pet-friendly knits.

Cute Fashion Hat For Your Pet

Here’s a cute idea for your puppy. An original and comfortable cute fashion hat for your pet with ear holes. How adorable are these!! Find these cute hats in the link below…  

Rocksy the Raccoon knocks at the door for food!

It is said that animals often mimic the behavior of humans. That could be the explanation for the case of this raccoon. She bangs with pebbles on the porch door of a home in order to request food. The owner of the home found out that the raccoon is actually a mother and she needs the food for her babies. So the human complied with ...
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