California Becomes The First State In The US To Ban Animal Fur Products

Furs are for animals to wear and not for humans, who want to make a fashion statement by making another living being suffer. That is why it is great news that California is set to become the first US state to ban animal fur products. The state has also teamed up with Hawaii and New Jersey to ban forms of entertainment using animals, such as circus performances.
A fine of $25,000 has to be paid by anyone who doesn’t respect this law. The bill, banning the sale and manufacture of any clothes and accessories out of fur was signed on the 13th of October by the governor Gavin Newsom and will come into force in 2023.
The Ethical Treatment of Animals is very pleased by this initiative that will end the exploitation and endangering of several species.
The American fur industry seems to be furious about this decision, but there is still a small loophole in the law as it will continue to allow the use of fur products for religious or tribal practices and taxidermy. This new bill encouraged several fashion design houses pledge that they will stop using fur for their designs from 2020.

Fur coats, which will be banned from sale from 2023 Photograph: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Those who have already taken action towards this are Gucci, Versace, Prada and Giorgio Armani and hopefully others from the industry will also join the cause.

source: theguardian.com

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