Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds (Video)

Eggs are a simple product which brings a steady income for those who are involved in this particular type of business. Constantly, people who raise chickens are looking for the best breeds that lay a maximum number of eggs per year. From white to red or golden hens, finding out more about the particular benefits to having some type of chicken instead of other, you can find it on this next website. Check out the annual production, weight, temperament as well as the period (weeks old) they start laying eggs. If you think of combining a few from every breed be aware that some may not get along with others. Watch the video provided and find out more. If you are not a professional in this field, it may change your mind.



If you want to learn more about raising chickens for eggs, I suggest you read this excellent book:

Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally




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