Beautifully Decorate Your Home With Photo Frames


Photo Frames.In the interior design, each detail matters. Nothing can be added randomly, that’s why the furniture and the interior decorations must be attentively chosen, according to several certain criteria which respect an interior design style. During the Renaissance, frame became as artistic and at least as valuable as the picture itself. It was an additional proof of the value and the estimation of a work of art. Later, in Baroque and Rococo, frames became even more elaborated and complex and, many times, they were made following the artists’ sketches themselves. We, the post-moderns, are the proud discoverers of the frames. We firstly found place for the simple one, fragile and less glowering, then, we collected from our grand-parents those ‘vintage’ frames which we restored, colored thus bringing them back to life. For the first time, the frames were seen independently from the pictures attached, being valuable in themselves. You can use empty photo frames of different dimensions and colors to decorate the walls, and some others that can actually frame: photos, pictures, older paintings, maps, musical parts, letters, calligraphies, sketches and ideas, messages and words, cards, wallpaper, mirrors, plants, branches, shells, stones – everything beautiful and dear to you that can be framed.
At first sight, choosing the decorations may be simple, but this is because too many times we tend to regard them as little, unimportant details. In fact, the decorations enliven and warm the place where we live, reflecting our personality at the same time, according to the way in which they are arranged and the harmony created between them and the other objects. The most appropriate decorative accessories that can be integrated in any setting are the photos. Be them framed watercolors, drawings, collages, paintings or photos, these can be placed on fireplaces, night tables, on the shelves of a library, and – why not? – on the wall. Special attention should be given to the frames themselves, since, besides their utility, they also function are decorative objects.
Made of wood, metal or plastic, in neuter or vivid colors, with flowers or figurines, of classical or special shapes, the photo frames can pleasantly accessorize a room. But for the result to be the desired one, choose an adequate color theme to sustain the image and to also match the furniture of the room. The best images, suitable for the living room, are the family pictures. For decorating the saloon, you may hang large portraits on the walls, in vintage frames, or you may combine the vintage ones with those used in collages
In the hall or in corridors, if the space allows, we may realize a photo gallery that could occupy a whole wall. This way of decorating the interior means a great number of photos. An asymmetric arrangement of them will lead to a pleasant and nonconformist aspect. The photo frames of different dimensions will be hanged on the wall so that they won’t go past the limits of the furniture surface, and you should keep an equal distance between the frames. For this arrangement, use both photos and black-and-white frames. It is a classical combination which won’t fall into desuetude in time and that fits any interior design style. For a symmetrical design, the frames should have the same dimension and the same color. Like the frame, the photos displayed must fulfill certain criteria related to the chromatic, the theme and the details of the photos. They all are important especially if we want to make a photo gallery. If you go for a dynamic style, use colored photos, while if you choose to create a state of peace and relaxation, opt for neuter shades.
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