Beautiful Antique Cabinet Furniture


Canton Ohio based Harvard Company designed this antique Dental Cabinet, which is a really rare piece and a real treasure for collectioners. This Dental Cabinet can be the center piece of your home, as it is made of the best quality oak and it is in an excellent condition. It is also polished and has the following dimensions: 1/2″h x 29″w x 16 1/2″d. If your home is decorated in an antique style than this piece of furniture it is a must-have as it can also be a great storing option, having lots of hidden shelves.

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2 Responses to "Beautiful Antique Cabinet Furniture"

  1. Chastity says:

    Does anyone have any idea where I could find on similar to this one for sale ??

  2. Vicky says:

    Yes! Try googling “Harvard company dental cabinet” – click photos then click on the photos of the item and I’m sure you will find one cause I did on my first click! On dougschmittantiques.com says to call for pricing – it looks brand new – beyond mint condition so I’m sure it will be thousands of dollars because a lot of people collect dentistry items – especially dentists’! lol so there is a demand for this kind of item. I clicked it because I want one! But I would ruin it by painting it white or with chalk paint and use it for make up storage / vanity so to me not worth more then $600. So good luck in your search & rember always just google it if your looking for something! Then hit picture if it doesn’t come up in shopping (whatever your looking to buy that is.) cause I have found so many items that I wanted to buy that weren’t in the shopping section nor were the items on any of the 1st 10 pages of links so I go to photo and 9 out of 10 times boom! Item is there click picture and shows you the web site and usually you can tell by the name of the site if it sells items or is a blog etc. but if all blogs and other sites and none that you can buy item click them anyways cause sometimes there are links to buy the item on blog reviews and other sites. I found this item and it’s an antique and I didn’t think a common item on my first try so shows it works! Lol

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