Balloons Filled With Shaving Cream – What a great idea!

Kids love to play and as a parent you need to keep them constantly engaged in activities and invent all sorts of fun games for them. Soon is going to get pretty hot outside, so you can move the playtime to the outdoor and this offers lots of new opportunities. This next game idea is very fun, but can also become messy you it is better to play it in your outdoor space so you won’t need to clean the entire house afterwards. balloon-game

The idea is to create lots of balloons filled with shaving cream or whipped cream and have a “fight” with your kids. As we mentioned, it can get very messy in a short period of time so prepare to clean yourself, the kids and the battle space afterwards. If you use shaving cream, make sure you use one without chemicals and avoid contact with eyes. Other than that, these shaving/whipped cream balloons are surely worth a try!

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