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How to Make a Beautiful Paper Christmas Tree

Holiday decorations are not that hard to make. Read this webpage and learn how to easily fashion your own beautiful ornament for this year’s Christmas. Make sure you have: • some felt • pins • craft glue • a pair of scissors • a 3-7/8 inch x 8-7/8 inch foam cone • 3/8-inch wide 18 feet rolls of ribbon in 2 colors

Handmade decorations for Christmas

DIY Christmas decorations are more popular with every passing year. People compete to give you the best solution or replacement for the commercial offer out there. With only $20 and in less than an hour, you can manufacture an adorable handmade holiday ornament, which will surely make some hearts melt on sight. Here’s what you ...

How To Make A Paper Evergreens

As the topic of the month is preparing for Christmas, this next tutorial is a perfect one for the DIY enthusiasts. The tutorial is about how to make a Christmas tree out of paper. It is also a way to keep you apartment clean as you don’t need to clean after the Christmas tree is dry and all you have left are the fallen branches. ...

15 Healthy Foods You Have To Try – page 2

11. Sautéed greens side dish source Chopped veggies, spinach or kale, mixed with sliced garlic or onion, seasoned with lemon juice or red pepper will make this dish quite the tasteful one!
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