An Amazing Way To Turn A Child’s Scribble Into Wall Art


Children have the tendency to be curios from an early age. When they find a box, they try to open it almost instantly. When a child is left alone in a room, they begin exploring it, slowly but firmly. When they discover the magic of pencils, especially colored pencils or crayons, they scribble away. At first, their art work can’t be considered as such, but don’t throw it away. The fridge isn’t yet the place to showcase the indecipherable drawings so this is what you should do: turn them into wall art. The simple DIY project described on the next website is so helpful. With a pattern, a cutter, canvas, Mod Podge, paint, and foam brushes, you can use the scribble as a decent art work on your walls.


Check out the final results such projects can yield and try to replicate them. Such joy, for both children and adults!


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