Amazing Miniature Knitted Clothes


This next DIY project will definitely add some personality to your home decor. The handcrafted miniature dresses are items which not only look cute but also show your care for details and dedication to creating interesting works of art. You could choose to have decorations from various regions, from different type of materials (like clay, wood, iron, fabric, fiber, loom, gourd, marquetry, hand painted ceramics etc.), but you only get this level of delicacy with a hand crafted crochet piece. The romanticism in these dresses is abundant! The only requirement for achieving this result is a pair of steady hands. All the rest is reachable through some careful work. Crochet flower miniature dresses are a true work of art! And you could use them to improve your home d├ęcor.






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  1. chiazor says:

    how can this be done?

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