Amazing Ice Cream Muffins


When we were little, most of the times an awesome dish or dessert was actually a combination of a couple or more of our favorites. Grown-ups tended to frown at the culinary experiments we were trying, but the final taste was worth all the nagging. We forget these things when we become adults. That’s why every time there is an opportunity to make an extraordinary thing in the kitchen, go for it! The recipe for ice-cream muffins you are looking at right now is such a good chance. And it involves only 2 ingredients! Take 25 minutes of your time, get two cups of self-rising flour and one and three quarters of softened vanilla ice-cream and you are 3 steps away from a heavenly tasteful piece of dessert. Make it even tastier for you by changing the flavor of the ice-cream used. Share with others and enjoy!

Amazing Ice Cream Muffins – All Recipes ( full recipe)

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