A Household Herb That Relieves Pain Better Than Ibuprofen


People usually take conventional remedies to relieve pain, but some studies have shown that Turmeric can represent a better solution for that.  A clinical trial was conducted with 109 patients that suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee, afterward being published in the Alternative and Complementary Medicine journal.

In order to conduct this study some patients received 800mg of Ibuprofen a day for six weeks. As for the rest of the patients, they were given 2000mg of Turmeric in the same amount and for the same period of time.  During the second stage of the study all of them were kept under observation while doing various physical activities, including stair climbing and walking. The patients that were given Turmeric had better results in relieving pain than those of the Ibuprofen group.

The results are not so surprising since Turmeric has been known for centuries as a natural remedy for pain, containing polyphenol, a substance that has over 600 health benefits. On the other hand, scientists also discovered that Ibuprofen is quite damaging for the body. “The Lancet review has found ibuprofen to be as toxic to the heart as Vioxx, a banned anti-inflammatory drug that caused thousands of deaths from cardiovascular diseases.” Luckily, we have Turmeric as an alternative to conventional medicine, a better choice which is both affordable and healthy for all of us.

Abstract image of Indian tumeric powder from vegetable market.

Abstract image of Indian tumeric powder from vegetable market.

Other uses for Turmeric:

  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties, is useful for disinfecting wounds and burns
  • Excellent in the prevention of prostate cancer, on the existing cancer prevents further development
  • Prevents the growth of breast cancer
  • Turmeric is natural prevention of melanoma: on the existing it kills cancer cells and prevents further development
  • Reduces the risk of childhood leukemia
  • Cleanse the liver naturally
  • May slow or prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease (destroys accumulated amyloidosis in the brain)
  • Prevents the growth of metastases in many cancers
  • Natural remedy against pain
  • Regulates metabolism and helps to lose weight
  • In China is used as a cure for depression
  • Cure arthritis and Reumah
  • Protects against cancer of the thyroid gland
  • Helps in the treatment of psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases.
  • Accelerates wound healing and quickly restores the injured skin

source: Healthy Food House

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  1. Kathleen Quinlan says:

    My question is does a person only take it when their in pain? or should they maintain a certain dose daily for ever? If it helps with AZ and losing weight then I would think you would continue using it for the added benefits. Also a dosage amont.

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