96 Awesome Homemade Gift in a Jar Recipes


Gifts in a jar are small and sweet presents. They are more of a symbol you want to give someone special, than an actual gift, but it is something worth trying. If you like to personalize the gifts you make your friends and family, gift jars are a great way to surprise the ones you care about. All you have to do is gather some nice jars; they don’t have to be very large. Clean them and make sure to remove the labels and any remaining glue. There are different types of gifts you can place in a jar. You can bake a small cookie, place it in a jar then decorate it beautifully by tying a ribbon and personalizing the jar with a cute label. But you can also place actual things in the jar, such as photos, beauty products or flowers. The possibilities are infinite and you can really let your creativity run wild. For more inspiration and ideas on amazing gifts in a jar, look at these ideas provided by TipJunkie where you will find a nice selection..

TipJunkie – 96 Great Homemade Gift in a Jar Recipes

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