6 Tips When Cooking With A Pressure Cooker

Making cooking time a lot shorter is something all of us, in this fast-paced world would want. When the pressure is onto you to cook a nice meal while maintaining a high performance at the workplace, do what we do: use a pressure cooker. Even though you’re not under the pressure by the circumstances in your work-life, you are bound to use any opportunity to save time. And cooking takes a lot of time.

Pressure-Cooker Before using the pressure cooker, here are a few tips that will help you speed up cooking and using this tool to the maximum. (1) When you want to cook some meat in the pressure cooker, try to brown it beforehand with some butter or oil. (2) Also, make sure the liquid within is only half or two thirds of the entire contents. This is important because the food added later will only make the water pour outside. (3) When the pressure cooker works, it doesn’t signal you it has finished via a slow steam. Only when the `ssshhh` sound is audible from it and the steam starts to pour out of the hole it has reached the high pressure point. (4) Now, you have to lower the heat and slightly move the pressure release. (5) After 6 minutes you should hear a `hisss` sound telling you to release the steam. (6) It’s important when working with a pressure cooker to let all of the steam released out and only then remove the lid.

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