5 Creative Things To Do With Old Jeans

Fashion changes almost everyday, but this doesn’t mean that once your clothes are out of style you should throw them away. Maybe you don’t follow trends, but still you have some old clothes lying around that you haven’t put on for a long time. So don’t throw them away, as they are not garbage yet.


For example, an old pair of jeans can always be turned into something new, by using the skills you acquired during DIY projects. One great idea is to take your old pair of jeans and turn them into stylish lunch bag. You will be using only the part below the knee of the jeans, a sewing machine and a thin belt that you’ll attach to the fabric. It looks so cute and it’s practical too.


You can always transform an old pair of jeans into a skirt. Exactly how, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple as you only need to cut off the legs of the jeans and insert another material in that part, to make the skirt. It will be perfect for hot summer days.


For the next idea, you will need a lot of used jeans as you will be cutting off their pockets to make an organizer. You will also need a simple fabric that will be the base of the organizer. Just sew the pockets to the fabric and hang the organizer on the wall.


Your crafts desk will be neat and tidy this way. Take a pair of jeans and use the side seam and wire to make a pair of bracelets. Place the wire in the seam and add small buttons and beads to your bracelet for extra style.


And last but not least, you can always create a bag out of an old pair of jeans, by cutting off the leg part. Just add a patterned fabric to the bottom and a pair of handles and your bag will be ready.


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