40 Genius Hacks For Camping

26. Easy to make pocket-sized oil lamps with the help of travel-size / hotel toiletry shampoo bottles.

40 Genius Hacks For Camping 26 source

27. Put rosemary right on the coals

40 Genius Hacks For Camping 27


28. This type of wax-packaged cheese will keep for at least a week unrefrigerated.

40 Genius Hacks For Camping 28


29. Keep mosquitoes away with bundles of sage added into the campfire.

40 Genius Hacks For Camping 29 source

30. Roasted Starbursts are delicious!

40 Genius Hacks For Camping 30 source

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6 Responses to "40 Genius Hacks For Camping"

  1. Terry Henderson says:

    Would love a pdf of this info….

  2. franz kafka says:

    was this all just an attempt to market Rome brand panini makers?

  3. Smart Rides says:

    I’m Interested in knowing more

  4. Robert says:

    Some are “hacks”, that is repurposing something from what it was intended. Some are tips. Some are recipes. Some are ads, like the trailer hitch hammock chairs.

    As for the matches, you should also lightly coat/dip in paraffin wax to seal out moisture.

  5. Hazel Eyes says:

    Did you think up all these ideas yourself? If you have copied ideas, please give credit to the source. This also allows viewers to go to the source for instructions or for more information.

  6. Dorothy says:

    Only could access 10 tips.
    No NEXT button

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