3D-Printed Cortex Exoskeleton


This next design is a revolutionary one as it re-thinks an uncomfortable item into something stylish and practical. The Cortex cast was created by Jake Evil, which broke his arm and came up with this idea as a solution to his problems. The cast follows a strict procedure until it is manufactured, first of all an x-ray of the broken limb is created, then the arm is scanned using 3d technology to identify its measurements and the cast is then printed in 3D. The Cortex Exoskeletal is an impressive creation as it lets the broken hand breathe and your arm won’t get itchy beneath it. It gives support to the broken limb and the cast can be washed easily, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect. The structure of the cast is thin and light, still it is very resistant and you will be able to wear a shirt that has a long sleeve. This cast was designed especially for wrist fractures, as it offer support in that exact spot and the designed resembles the body’s bone structure. After you no longer need it, the item can be recycled as it is made from eco-friendly material. With the Cortex Exoskeletal cast a broken limb is no longer something painful, as it will make the healing period easier for the user.

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